25 Worst Performing FTSE 100 Stocks in 2021as of May 14

In the following table, you can see 25 stocks that have the worst performances in FTSE 100 Index in 2021 as of May 14. With a loss of -20.18%, LSE Group Rg stock has the lowest return in 2021. It is followed by Flutter Entmt Rg stock and  Ocado Group Rg stock with the losses of -15.98% and -13.14%, respectively.

 LSE Group Rg7,190.00-20.18%
 Flutter Entmt Rg12,695-15.98%
 Ocado Group Rg1,986.50-13.14%
 Rightmove Rg578-11.19%
 Melrose Industri Rg162.15-8.93%
 Rentokil Initial Rg471-7.57%
 Auto Trader Gr Rg551.8-7.42%
 Scott Mtg Inv Trst1,130.50-6.88%
 Hikma Pharm Rg2,367.00-6.00%
 Bunzl Rg2,306.00-5.61%
 Polymetal Intl Rg1,599.00-5.08%
 Experian Rg2,659.00-4.25%
 Standard Life Rg271.4-3.52%
 Rolls-Royce Hldg Rg107.64-3.24%
 Reckitt Benck Gr Rg6,366.00-2.69%
 Unilever Rg4,294.00-2.23%
 Croda Intl Rg6,534.00-0.94%
 Berkeley Grp4,721.00-0.44%
 Aveva Group Rg3,198.00-0.12%
 RSA Insur Grp Rg684.21.00%
 Smith & Nephew Rg1,526.001.06%
 Associat Brit Fo Rg2,300.001.59%
 Halma Rg2,497.001.96%
 Admiral Group Rg2,945.002.08%
 GlaxoSmithKline Rg1,370.402.12%

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