Year-to-date (YtD) performance of USD against major currencies in 2020

As of May 15, USD has the best performance against to Brazilian Real, BRL, with a return of 44.80%. It is followed by ZAR and RUB.

Currency CodeCurrency Name31.12.201915.05.20202020 Performance
USD to BRLDollar to Brazilian Real4.01925.819644.80%
USD to ZARDollar to South African Rand13.978318.553232.73%
USD to RUBDollar to Russian Ruble62.083673.701918.71%
USD to NOKDollar to Norwegian Krone8.782610.239216.58%
USD to TRYDollar to Turkish Lira5.94986.906316.08%
USD to AUDDollar to Australian Dollar1.42261.56009.66%
USD to GBPDollar to British Pound0.75370.82449.38%
USD to CADDollar to Canadian Dollar1.29621.40918.71%
USD to INRDollar to Indian Rupee71.292275.85926.41%
USD to EURDollar to Euro0.89070.92433.77%
USD to CNYDollar to Chinese Yuan6.96307.10292.01%
USD to CHFDollar to Swiss Franc0.96780.97240.48%
USD to JPYDollar to Japanese Yen108.6794107.2597-1.31%

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