Top 25 FTSE 100 Stocks in 2021 as of May 28

The following 25 stocks have the best performances in FTSE 100 Index in 2021 as of May 28. With a return of 50.08%,  TUI AG stock has the highest return in 2021. It is followed by Ashtead Group Rg stock and Glencore Rg stock with returns of 49.74% and 37.96%, respectively.

 TUI AG432.150.08%
 Ashtead Group Rg5,148.0049.74%
 Glencore Rg321.4537.96%
 Lloyds Banking G Rg49.8936.91%
 EVRAZ Rg637.635.20%
 Kingfisher Rg360.333.25%
 BT Group Rg174.8532.21%
 Anglo American Rg3,135.0029.31%
 Carnival Rg1,765.4029.14%
 Intl. Cons. Air Rg202.626.78%
 Aviva Rg411.226.45%
 Johnson Matthey Rg3,046.0025.61%
 Barclays Rg183.124.83%
 M&G Rg244.523.52%
 NatWest Grp Rg20723.47%
 St. James?’s Rg1,397.5023.29%
 WPP Rg97421.75%
 Easyjet Rg1,006.5021.27%
 CRH PLC Rg3,688.0020.60%
 Pearson Rg818.220.25%
 ITV Rg128.420.22%
 HSBC Hldg Rg455.320.18%
 Burberry Group Rg2,136.0019.36%
 Diageo Rg3,404.0018.28%
 Compass Group Rg1,608.5018.01%

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