Best performing Blockchain stocks in 2021 as of July 2

Among the blockchain company stocks, Big Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc stock has the best year-to-date (ytd) performance with a return of 200.50% in 2021 as of July 2. It is followed by Marathon Digital Hldgs Inc stock and Blok Technologies stock with returns of 190.13% and 144.32%, respectively.

 BBKCFBig Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc200.50%1676.47%
 MARAMarathon Digital Hldgs Inc190.13%3228.21%
 BLPFFBlok Technologies144.32%162.20%
 RIOTRiot Blockchain Inc113.24%1482.10%
 HSSHFDigihost Technology Inc67.32%844.84%
 GAHCGlobal Arena Hld65.00%unch
 SNSFFVenzee Technologies Inc62.01%154.95%
 HUTMFHut 8 Mining Corp58.09%315.04%
 HVBTFHive Blockchain Technologies Ltd51.30%1091.46%
 CINGFCoinsilium Group Ltd49.25%400.00%
 DTMXFDatametrex Ai Ltd46.91%115.47%
 DMGGFDmg Blockchain Solutions Inc42.20%762.91%
 BLOKTransformational Data Sharing Amplify ETF35.36%129.30%
 BCIIBlockchain Industries Inc32.15%-78.25%
 BLKBlackrock Inc23.85%61.96%
 BLCNReality Shares Nasdaq Nextgen Economy ETF15.98%62.24%
 VSQTFVictory Square Technologies Inc9.17%247.83%
 MGTIMGT Capital Investments Inc5.75%154.82%
 KTPPFKatipult Technology Corp-2.63%-10.80%
 GBTCBitcoin Invt TR-10.69%205.02%
 BKLLFCodebase Ventures Inc-32.77%68.18%
 NBDRNo Borders Inc-89.90%-94.38%

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