Top 25 FTSE 100 Stocks in 2021 as of June 18

The following 25 stocks have the best performances in FTSE 100 Index in 2021 as of June 18. With a return of 51.19%,  BT Group Rg stock has the highest return in 2021. It is followed by Ashtead Group Rg stock and TUI AG stock with returns of 45.55% and 40.22%, respectively.

 BT Group Rg199.9551.19%
 Ashtead Group Rg5,004.0045.55%
 TUI AG403.740.22%
 Kingfisher Rg346.728.22%
 St. James?’s Rg1,453.0028.19%
 Glencore Rg297.5527.70%
 Aviva Rg414.827.55%
 EVRAZ Rg601.227.48%
 Lloyds Banking G Rg46.4327.41%
 Carnival Rg1,736.0026.99%
 Johnson Matthey Rg3,018.0024.45%
 Intl. Cons. Air Rg198.7224.36%
 Pearson Rg84323.90%
 WPP Rg977.222.15%
 Burberry Group Rg2,180.0021.82%
 M&G Rg24021.24%
 NatWest Grp Rg20220.49%
 Diageo Rg3,459.5020.21%
 ITV Rg126.818.73%
 Spirax-Sarco Eng Rg13,26017.40%
 Barclays Rg171.8617.17%
 Easyjet Rg96816.63%
 CRH PLC Rg3,561.0016.45%
 Sage Grp Rg67716.32%
 Compass Group Rg1,573.5015.44%

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