Short notes for General Motors 2017 earnings

General Motors today announced its 2017 financial results. According to the results:

  • Strong performance in North America, improvement in GM International led by strong equity income in China and a return to profitability in South America, sustained growth of GM Financial and an intense focus on costs led to better results for 2017.
  • Results for 2017:
    • EPS diluted-adjusted of $6.62
    • EBIT-adjusted margin of 8.8 percent
    • Full-year income of $0.3 billion; EBIT-adj. of $12.8 billion, repeats record 2016
    • Third straight year of 10-percent or higher margins in North America
    • Q4 EPS diluted of $(3.46); Record Q4 EPS diluted-adj. of $1.65
    • Results reflect $7.3 billion non-cash charge related to U.S. tax reform